Vitality Testimonial and Autism

What amazing results using Nu Skins Vitality. Terrific! Way to go Colt

Hi Everyone,

Here is an AMAZING testimonial from Stephanie…who’s son has Autism and is taking Vitallity.

Hi Carmen,

Yes. My son is 8 years old. He falls smack in the middle of the Autism Spectrum. We have been working with educators and specialists since he was 16 months of age. Colt has no known allegies and is not on any medications.

~ Two months ago a study was published indicating a connection between a mitochondrial dysfunction and Autism. I immediately put this information in front of my up-line thus getting it in front of Dr. Joe Chang. As we all know, we can not make any medical claims, however, Dr. Chang was aware of the studies going on and suggested 2 Vitality being a safe and beneficial amount for Colt.

37 days ago, we started our son on the supplement. A WONDERFUL window has opened. Colt is now PRESENT. He is now engaging in family activities, having back and forth conversations, his eye to eye contact is back, the flapping of his arms and tippy toe walking is diminishing, he is playing with new friends on the playground … Colt had his first ever PLAYDATE at our home yesterday …

I have been keeping a daily journal since our son has been on Vitality. It truly has been a Gift from God for this family.

God Bless,


For more information on Autism and the connection with Mitochondrial Dysfunction …

For more info on ageLOC Vitallity go to You will find product and science info as you scroll down.

If you would like to see Stephanie’s journal or would like more info please let me know. This is so exciting!!


Sandra Stickle


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